Piscine Pontoise

The Pontoise swimming pool was built in 1934 by the architect Lucien Pollet (who built the Molitor, the Jonquiere and the Pailleron swimming pools as well). Pontoise is a historical monument; despite different construction and maintenance projects , the site kept its 1930s style. It is situated near the famous Boulevard Saint-Germain. In addition, it is open in the evenings as well; from Monday to Friday. An interesting anecdote: Jacques Cousteau, the famous diver, used to train there from time to time.


Address: 19 Rue de Pontoise, 75005 Paris, France

Opening hours:
Saturday 10am–7pm
Sunday 8am–7pm
Monday 7–8:30am, 12:15–1:30pm, 4:30–8pm
Tuesday 7–8:30am, 12:15–1:30pm, 4:30–7pm
Wednesday 7–8:30am, 11:30am–7:30pm
Thursday 7–8:30am, 12:15–1:30pm, 4:30–7:15pm
Friday 7–8:30am, 12:15–1:30pm, 4:30–8pm

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