Paris in January 2017: Top 10 Things To Do

Paris in January is a different Paris. The coldest month of the year brings hot chocolate, chic winter clothes in the streets, decorations of new year and what not. It’s truly a magical month to visit Paris.

You might see some snow (though in recent years it didn’t snow much in Paris due to global warming). You’ll probably see the chestnuts stands in the street. Just from thinking of Paris in January my heart get warm.

What to do in Paris in January 2017?

1. ERNEST ET CÉLESTINE expostion in Musée des Arts décoratifs

Ernest and Celestine are nostalgic heroes of children cartoon that was very popular in the 80’s. They were created by the artist Monique Martin who used the pseudonym Gabrielle Vincent.

The exposition follow the interesting live of Martin. She was very humble yet she educated through her magnificent cartoon characters an entire generation. The exhibition researches the unique style of Martin.

2. Oscar Wilde exhibition in the Petit Palais

Oscar Wilde is one of Paris favorite poet. Wilde who escaped England’s homophobia, spent his final years in Paris. Thousands visit his grave in Père Lachaise Cemetery every year. This talented writer created unprecedented masterpieces that are still studied today. The museum dedicated an exhibition that examined the life of this amazing person.

3. Hergé exhibition in the Grand Palais

Hergé is famous for writing the Tintin comic books series. Tintin is a cultural hero in France. Generations were raised reading his adventure and wanting to be like him (maybe that’s why there are so many journalist and adventurists in France). This exhibition examines the secret life of Hergé who usually kept is private life for himself and discover what are the events in his personal life that resulted in the Tintin series.

4. The Myth of Beethoven in the Philharmonie de Paris

There are very few exhibitions in the Orchestra de Paris, the Philharmonie’s main resident. But this time there is a very interesting exhibition about the life and art work of one of the most famous compositor in the world – Beethoven.

5. Ice skating in Hotel de Ville.

Every year the city hall set up an ice skating space in the center of Paris. If you don’t want to skate, that is not a problem. Just coming there and watch the pros skating is very entertaining and fun.

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