Paris in February, Better Than You Think!

Ah Paris in February! I know, the weather is cold, the sky is light gray, even white sometimes but yet, Paris has a captivating charm in February.

The days are short but slowly and surely getting longer. March is close and we hope it will keep its promises of bringing spring.

Usually during the month of February, there is always a sudden and surprising couple of sunny days. Coming out of nowhere, the temperature increases and the sun makes us feel we live in the most beautiful city in the entire world. Let’s say it’s Sunday and it’s a perfect day for a brunch anywhere in the Marais. Then you feel in the mood for a walk… go to the Tuileries, admire the sculptures and continue on your way until you reach the Palais Royal.

Paris in February -A Bit Cool – But Very Cool!

Yes, the wind is chill. So what? Those are the last days to wear a nice green loden or your favorite duffle-coat. Knot a pashmina and put on a pretty woolly hat. And leather gloves! So Frenchy chic.

This is also your last chance to indulge on the sweet treats. When March arrives, then come the annoying magazines titles: start a diet, stop eating and starve! It’s never too soon to get ready for your bikini! Ew! Don’t listen, it’s still February and you should enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at Angelina’s, a crêpe au Nutella along the Seine and be happy with your body.

There are winter school holidays and the city empties for two weeks. That means less visitors in the museums, a less crowded metro, and more time to pick up a baguette after the office closes. If your kids stay with you at home, bring them for a visit to the Salon de l’Agriculture, The Paris International Agricultural Show: the best place to cuddle a rabbit, pet a cow and taste many artisanal, organic and gastronomic products.

Indeed, there are many good reasons to be happy in February in Paris!

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