Famous Paris Pharmacy To Buy Cheap Products

Many tourists asked us about a Famous Paris Pharmacy that sells beauty products for a cheap price. After researching the matter, JTM Paris found out that it is not a myth. There is a Famous Paris Pharmacy which prices are lower than most pharmacies.

Famous Paris Pharmacy: why is it a secret?

The reason why it is difficult to find out where is located the Famous Paris Pharmacy is because that is the reason the prices are low.

The owner of the pharmacy calculated that in order to keep prices low he needs to hire a certain amount of people. If he needs to hire more employees he will have to raise the products’ prices. Right now there is balance between the number of people coming to the pharmacy at any given moment and the number of pharmacists that serve them.

The research for the Famous Paris Pharmacy was fruitful and its name is…. Pharmacie Monge.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Pharmacie Monge is the best place in Paris to buy cheap skin creams, excellent hair products, and makeup in affordable prices.

While not many people know this place, there are enough people who do. When going to Pharmacie Monge, situated at 74 rue Monge in the fifth arrondisement, Paris, you’ll have to wait in line. Many Parisians come from all over Paris to this place in order to buy enough supply for the following weeks (even months).

It is such a successful Pharmacy that “le monde“, one of the biggest newspapers in France described it as “tourist attraction”. The reason is that the pharmacy is well known in Korea. All the tourist websites describes “Mongjyu Yakuk” (Monge Pharmacy) as a must visit place. In the article it says that more than 20 000 Koreans dietitians and cosmetics specialists in Korea recommend their clients to visit the Pharmacy. Talking about a small world!

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