Paris Trip Cost : Calculate How Much You’ll Spend

You want to go to Paris and wonder what is the Paris trip cost? JTM Paris team gathered and researched for you the average price of accommodation, food and attractions.

Paris trip cost of Accommodation

The cost of accommodation in Paris can vary greatly according to the luxury you are looking for. One thing to keep in mind is that the cheap accommodation is often comes with a great price. Our sincere recommendation is not to be to cheap on accommodation in Paris. The difference in the price per night between a cheap hostel or a cheap hotel in bad neighborhood to a simple hotel is not that high and you will have much better experience in Paris.

The price of a dormitory room/ a room in a bad neighboorhood will be around 30-40 euros per night.

The price of cheap hotel in “ok” neighborhood will be 60 – 80 euros per night..

The price of a regular hotel in a good location will be 100-120 euros per night.

Paris trip cost of Food in Paris

Unlike accommodation, you can find really good food in Paris for low budget. The basic products: bread, cheese, butter, wine are not expensive at all. Instead of paying a fortune on a touristic restaurant just go to a local supermarket and boulangerie and make yourself a magical sandwich. In summertime, an apero near the Seine river is very common and a pleasant experience.

However going to a good restaurant at least once is something you must do in Paris. There are plenty of good restaurant that are not too pricy. Check our Gastronomy section for several good restaurants.

A picnic meal : 5-20 euros

Good restaurant: 30-50 euros per person

Very good restaurant 100-150 euros per person.

Cost of Attractions in Paris

The best attraction in Paris is walking around and doing some sightseeing – this one is totally free.

You might want to buy metro tickets. In this case it is better to buy a “carnet” – 10 tickets. It will cost less.

There is another interesting way to visit Paris using local buses. Here is a nice itinerary.

Museum ticket will cost 8-12 euros

Climbing Eiffel tower price is 11-17 euros (depend if you take the elevator or not)

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