The Ultimate Guide on what to do in Paris with Teenagers

Are you planning for unforgettable trip to Paris? That’s great! This guide contains fantastic things to do and see when visiting Paris with teenagers. It’s important to remember that much of this guide depends on personal interests. In this case, you should let your teenagers decide what they like most:

  1. Visiting the counterfeit Museum (Musee de la Contrafacon)

Musee de la CONTRAFACON is one of the best places to go when visiting Paris with teenagers. The museum is dedicated to show the history of counterfeit and the effects that counterfeit items have brought on industries. The museum is designed in such a way that you will get to identify the real items and fake items. Of course your teenagers will love to see what the masters of counterfeiting have done over the years.


  1. Visiting dog and cat cemetery

If your teenagers love animals, it’s best to take a walk to the dog and cat cemetery which is located at the north end of Paris. This will provide you with an opportunity to feel the love of the animals’ owners.


  1. Climbing the Eiffel tower

You can enjoy climbing the Eiffel tower and after getting at the top, you will definitely have the satisfaction of having made it up to over 700 steps. You can use lift but if you really want to explore the Eiffel tower from every angle, its best to use stairs.


  1. Paris Saint Germain

If your teens like soccer, it’s best to let them enjoy it with the locals at Paris Saint Germain. Paying for your tickets early will enable you to skip the ticket line.


  1. Bike tours

If you and your teenagers want to really get to know the city, guided bike tours are the best way to do it. There are several company that provide organized fun tours. The great advantage is that you can see a big part of the city quickly.

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