Parc de Saint-Cloud

Fancy some real nature for some real nature? Paris has many gardens and parks, but if you need a real get-away from the hustle and bustle, than “Parc de Saint-Cloud” is a good spot to visit. It was originally a part of a Chateau that was built in the 16th century and was destroyed over the years. Today this enormous park, laying over 460 hectares, offers a real feeling of getting out to the country-side. Here is an idea: Buy some fresh baguette and cheese and take the line 10 metro until its final station in Boulogne. From there cross the highway and follow the signs. On your way you will encounter some statues, fountains and buildings that remained from the glorious days of this “domain”. Keep walking and very soon you will find yourself in a real forest with its silence and Zen. Find a nice spot for picnic and just relax.

AddressParc de Saint-Cloud

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