Chantilly Village, France – Outside Paris

If you want to see some “châteaux” but don’t want to go to the Loire valley, Chantilly village France might be a good alternative for you.

The domain of Chantilly village was owned by the royal family until the French revolution. The house of Montmorensy who ruled this domain had a fine taste of art. The art collection is astonishing and contain hundreds of pieces.

The gardens of Chantilly Village, France are excellent example of French style gardens. The are cut with precision to create specific forms.

Another attraction in Chantilly village France is the giant library, containing thousands of books some are extremely rare and can only be used using plastic gloves. Researchers from all over the world are using these books to understand how people lived in the middle ages.

Fancy for a more easy going entertainment? You can visit the Chantilly hippodrome. You can ride horses in the big Chantilly forest. Some of France major racing events are happening right here. In the forest there are many kilometers of equestrian trails made of soft sand. Riding a horse in Chantilly Village, France, can be a real jump in time. You can easily feel like a lord riding in his property. Just remember, unlike the lords, hunting today is not permitted.

One last must do is… Eating Chantilly. Chantilly, or whipped cream, was actually invented here in this village. Today there are few good restaurants who serve Chantilly according to old recipes that passed from generation to generation and became a local tradition. One of this places is Cafe Noir – the black coffee. Be aware that you will not be the only one who want to enter, the waiting line can be quite long.

A fun fact: the duke of Aumale was the last owner of the Chateau. He donated the castle and all the artwork to France because he wanted that the french people will be able to enjoy the exhibition and artworks. He want to make sure none of the art work will be sold or lent to other countries so he made it clear in his will that non of the artwork can be moved, even by a centimeter. Today the paintings are exactly where they were 100 years ago.

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