Backraks – Gypsy Jazz in Paris: The Best Of The Best

While Jazz originated in the USA, the Hexagone, a nickname for France, adopted it and nowadays, one can find many jazz concerts in Paris. In particular, a well- known one is the Gypsy Jazz in Paris, or Jazz Manouche.

Gypsy Jazz Backraks – How did it start?

The origins of Gypsy Jazz in Paris start with a young man named Django Reinhardt. This guy’s life didn’t start very well. He was a gypsy (this is where the name comes from) and didn’t go to school. Instead, he was working to earn money for his family until he was caught in a fire in 1923.

In this fire, he lost his two fingers but he still had his life, so he decided to focus on what he really liked – playing music.

He didn’t let the loss of his fingers determine his ability to play and so he learned how to play jazz, which was very popular in theose days in Paris. He soon was recognized as a top player and the father of Gypsy Jazz in Paris.

Gypsy Jazz in Paris – Where can I hear it?

Today there are a few places where you can hear good old Gypsy Jazz.

Les Petits Joueurs

59 Rue de Mouzaïa, 75019 Paris, France

Let Petits Joueurs is one of the best places to hear Gypsy Jazz in Paris. That’s why he got the name “the Temple of Gypsy Jazz”. You can hear Jazz Manouche every Sunday afternoon, but also during the week. Check their website to find the updated agenda

La Chope des Puces

122 Rue Rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen, France

In this place the Jazz Manouche is played almost every night, and the quality is excellent.

La Taverne de Cluny

51 Rue de la Harpe, 75005 Paris, France

Just few steps from Saint-Michel, you can find this jazz bar that has both British and French roots. It is very popular among Parisian and international jazz players. Great place to grab a beer and hear some nice music.

Le Styx

126 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris, France

The Styx, or Le Styx as they call it in French is a restaurant that host Jazz concerts every Monday evening. It is a great place to hear Jazz Manouche while eating dinner.

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