Restaurant Review: Le Baratin Paris

When I went to Le Baratin Paris, I really hoped it will be good. Le Baratin Paris is supposed to be one of Paris’ greatest restaurants, this was told to me by several chefs that I know. Sadly I have to conclude I didn’t had a good experience.

But first let’s start with the good points. Visiting the restaurant feels like at home. It is easy to see that locals and regulars clients are a majority in the place. The owners invested time and effort in making this place feels like you’re dining at your home, and not in a strange restaurant.

Le Baratin Paris – Not What We Expected

This good feeling faded away as the waiter approached us with the big Parisian French menu. On this Menu, where the chef writes down the “plat du jour” – what there is to eat today. It was really difficult to understand the handwriting. Also, the waiter kept nudging us if we decided yet because he needed the menu to show it to other guests.

I ordered the veal brain, one of Paris exclusive dish. I must say I was disappointed, I didn’t see anything special there. The seasoning was very basic and felt like a fast food prepared and certainly not a chef handmade meal.

That said, the pork foot and ear were pretty good, also the chinchard tartar. I was didn’t like the vegetables raviolis. The dish had great looks but little taste

I ordered the tripe as a main dish. The tripe was small and mediocre while the sauce was actually quite good. I dipped the bread we had on the table in the sauce and that was probably the highlight of my evening. A friend ordered the confit of duck which was okay but not exceptional.

For dessert, we took the chocolate mousse. It was actually very good, but not enough to change the negative feeling and disappointment.

We eventually paid 164 euros, quite pricey in my opinion for what we received.

Was it a bad restaurant? no. I had high recommendations for this place that proved to be a pretty okay but not more. I called my friend who recommended me the restaurant and he told me he visited this restaurant last year and had a completely different experience. Maybe the chef broke up with his girlfriend that day, or maybe he met a new one and wasn’t concentrated.

Address: 3 Rue Jouye-Rouve, 75020 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 43 49 39 70

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