Onion Soup at ‘Au Pied De Cochon

Les Halles is an area in the middle of Paris where Paris’ largest food market operated until the 1970s. It was a vivid and colorful marketplace, with continues movement and hustle and bustle. Many merchants and shoppers had a moderate income and so they ate  cheap onion soup, served with chunks of crispy bread and gooey Gruyere, for lunch. Years later, Les Halles completly transformed and nowadays consisting of an unattractive underground shopping center, and with the rise of tourism the onion soup transformed from the poor’s lunch poor men’s lunch to a must-eat french dish. “Au Pied De Cochon”, a restaurant from the times when Les Halles was still a food market, proposes this traditional dish.


Address: 6 Rue Coquillière 75001 Paris

Opening hours: 24/7

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