Restaurant Review: La Table d’Eugène

La Table d’Eugène, situated in the 18th Arrondisement, is a great place to enjoy a spectacular dinner in a relatively accessible price.

La Table d’Eugène – Excellent Restaurant

Geoffroy Millard, the chef of La Table d’Eugène, received a Michelin star two years ago – one of the most prestigious awards in the gastronomy industry.

We went there to see if he deserves it! And after we left we can say he does!

The decoration is inspired by the Japanese culture with clean lines and delicate flowers all over the place. It was a pure pleasure contemplating the different artworks the restaurant owns.Table-Eugène-prawns

The server recommended us the layers of Prawns and wild strawberries decorated with black and white sesame. It was served with fine asparagus slightly boiled and rich in flavor.

For the main course we took the smoked royal sardine accompanied with eggplants and Jamaica peppers. It was truly delicious. The sardine smokiness combined gracefully with the spiciness of the eggplants. In addition, a small plate with a mix of variety of beans and small peas in a creamy butter sauce.

My partner ordered the double cooked lamb with zucchini in Buddha’s style. We didn’t know Buddha ate Zucchini but at least this plate had its name. The lamb was served in two slices, one rare-medium and one medium-well done. This is an interesting solution to the eternal question “How would you like it (your steak) cooked” and proved to be quite intelligent. One the one hand, we had the chance to taste the savage taste of the lamb and on the other the influence of cooking on the meat aroma. For the Zucchini, Buddha knows what he’s doing. It is actually zucchini  with Buddha’s hand. The result is quite fascinating. The acidity adds an interesting twist to the “boring” zucchini, making it surprisingly delicious and well paired with the lamb.Table-Eugene-morels

For dessert we chose the Hay, banana and chocolate mixed with crystallized morels. The desert was good, but not as good as the main course. Indeed, the mixture of tastes adds up very well. The crystallized morels were quite surprising. This was the first time I ate mushroom for dessert.

The dinner cost us 104 euros without wine (additional 32 euros). For this reasonable budget we had an excellent evening and something to tell our friends!


 La Table d’Eugène

Address: 18 Eugène Sue street the 18th Arrondisement
Hours: Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner (Closed Sundays and Mondays)
It is better to reserve a few days ahead using this phone number 01 42 55 61 64 or using this link
Lunch will cost between 20 to 50 euros
Dinner will cost between 40 to 80 euros

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