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Why reading a Paris Food Blog? Paris is the city of many things, city of love, city of art, city of kings and of course THE CITY OF FOOD! It’s not difficult to eat well in Paris, but sometimes a good advice can save you great disappointment and misfortune.

One of the best ways to follow up with new restaurants in Paris (they are changing so fast it’s unbelievable) is through blogs. My favorite blogs keep me up to date with the best restaurant, the top dishes, the interesting offers and any other gastronomic novelties I should be aware of.

After years of searching the best Parisian food blogs, here are my top choices of blogs to follow:

Paris Food Blog: The List

Paris-ci L’Addition

Paris-ci L’Addiction is a blog authored by Slanelle and Christophe. In this blog they review restaurants in Paris. Christophe has a background in pastries baking and he maintains a personal blog where he gives tips and tricks. You will learn to make the most awesome pastries. Slanelle has a background in style and fashion (and eating). Together they explore Paris and writing (in French) about their experiences.


Critiques et Confidences

Critiques et Confidences the author of this blog is Clothide Roux. In this blog, she explorers Paris’ restaurant and gives her own “Clothide stars”. After 10 years in the Markeing industry Clothide had enough and quite all to pursue a career as gastronomic specialist.

Steph à Table

Steph à Table is great when you want to “eat with your eyes” without reading too much, it is a photography / Paris Food Blog. Steph is both a great photographer and a cook. In his blog he posts photos of the dishes he cooked with their recipes. The result: a blog that you should definitely not look at if you are hungry and have nothing to eat in your fridge.

Paris Food Affair

Paris Food Affair is a fun blog written by Julie who was raised and born in Texas! A talented writer a photographer, Julie writes about anything related to food in Paris.

Wendy Lyn

Wendy Lyn is my latest discovery, written, not surprisingly, by Wendy Lyn. Wendy describes herself as professional eater. She’s an American southerner who came to Paris in the 90’s and stayed here since. She offers a great wine tours that made it to The Wall Street top 6(!) Food city tours. With her knowledge and “connaissance” of Paris’ food you can’t go wrong.

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