The Best Macarons In Paris

Eating delicious Macarons is one of the must-dos in Paris. But how to make sure the macaron you’re eating is the best? Here are the Best Macarons in Paris.

“I can resist anything, except temptation” said Oscar Wilde, and indeed, not many people can resist the tender texture, delightful aroma, and most of all delicious taste.

The Macaron was actually invented in Venice, Italy and was one of Catherine de’ Medici’s favorite deserts. She liked it so much that when she married Henry II of France, she brought the pastry chef with her so he could make it for her in Paris.

The secret recipe for the perfect Macaron was revealed, and today it is considered a Parisian desert and not Italian. And the Best Macarons in Paris are probably the best in the world.

How to know you’re eating a good Macaron? (other than trusting our Best Macarons In Paris list)

Freshness: This is the most important part. Macarons are relatively expensive to make and many bakeries don’t throw them out at the end of the day. A fresh Macaron is:

  • Not dry at all.
  • Not cold, maybe a little chilled.
  • You can easily smell its odor.

Line: A good indicator for a good Macaron is a line of people that are waiting to buy it. It is also connected to freshness – many people buy the Macarons in the shop and new ones are baked.

Variety: many varaieties of Macarons show that the pastry chef is creative and experienced, again a good indicative for a good macaron.

Taste: In the end, this is the most important isn’t? If you like it than it’s all what counts!


Best Macarons in Paris list

Jean-Paul Hévin

Hévin is a chocolatier that expanded his set of skills to Macarons. It was such a successful move that he opened five boutiques in Paris. Don’t miss the “Pomme Caramel” (Apple Caramel).

Jean-Paul Hévin. 231, rue Saint-Honoré, Ier. Tél.: 01 55 35 35 96.


Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé is one of the most famous pastry chefs in France. It is actually in his genes, his family have been bakers and pastry chefs for four generations. You must try the Mosaic (pistachio, cinnamon and griotine).

Pierre Hermé. 72, rue Bonaparte, VIe. Tél.: 01 43 54 47 77.

Sadaharu Aoki

Sadaharu Aoki was born in Japan and moved to Paris in 1991. By combining Japanese and French, he brought the Macaron to a whole new level. Our favorite – the Yuzu (citrus).

Sadaharu Aoki. 35, rue de Vaugirard, VIe. Tél.: 01 45 44 48 90.


Arnaud Larher

He won the “Meilleur Ouvrier” competition in 2007 and doesn’t stop surprising us. You must try the Coca Cola Macaron!

Arnaud Larher. 57, rue Damrémont, XVIIIe.Tél.: 01 42 55 57 97.



One of the oldest pastry bakeries in Paris, and served king Louis XIV himself! Dalloyau doesn’t take any risk with exotic tastes. They keep the classic macarons but use the finest products (Valencia almonds, Piedmont hazelnuts , and pistachios from Iran).

Dalloyau. 101, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, VIIIe. Tél.: 01 42 99 90 0.

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