Best Croissant In Paris

During your visit to Paris. I’m sure you’ll want to try the best of everything! So, if you want to find the best croissant in Paris just keep reading!

Why is the croissant’s shape looks like a half moon? Because it is what the stars want to achieve.

The croissant is nothing but a mix of butter and wheat. Just two simple ingredients are responsible for this famous pastry that chefs all over Paris and France in general fight about. Each one believes that he makes the best croissant in Paris.


How do you know if your croissant is good or not? It is not a simple question but according to the criteria of the greatest Croissant competitions, a good croissant must have the following qualities:

1 – Clear contrast of texture: Croissant need to be crispy and crunchy on the outside, yet smooth and tender in the inside.

2 – Good ingredients, and especially, good butter. Even the best chef in the world won’t be able to make a delicious croissant with low quality ingredients. A true croissant amateur will be able to identify in a single bite low quality butter.

3 – Color. A Croissant needs to be brownish-golden and not yellow. If it’s too bright, than it wasn’t baked enough.

Where to find the Best Croissant in Paris?


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