Au Père Louis Restaurant – Yummy yummy!

It is not our first visit to Au Père Louis Restaurant, and as usual we can conclude we enjoyed and will come back. We really like the fact it has a local Parisian authentic feel. We found the service exceptionally good this time. They are known for having a great selection and knowledge of wine – all their bottles are first class and in reasonable price.

We arrived with a group of friends who were a bit late because of train strikes (Ah La France!). The first thing we’ve done was visited this restaurant. The restaurant welcoming and relaxing atmosphere immediately calmed down our stressed friends.

The meal started with hot fresh bread, when finished the waiter comes immediately with another to replace. For main dish I took the duck confit. This dish is one of the specialties and warmly recommended. My friends also took the steak which was very good and rich in flavors.

The menu has a nice range of dishes to cater for all diets and preferences. Personally I chose the duck foie gras for starter. The pan fried foie gras was exceptional. My friends shared the foie gras as well but also ordered an oignion soup and escargots – all were really tasty.

One of the greatest things in Au Père Louis Restaurant are the portions. The quantity is just right. If we’re talking in terms of “value for money’ it can hardly get any better than that. While many restaurants in Paris serve very small quantities it is definitely not the case here.

For desert we took the “clafoutis aux pommes”. It was good but I don’t think I will order it again because it wan’t as exceptional as the rest of the meal.
To conclude, a very pleasant, client-oriented and authentic place. Not far from the center of Paris, but far enough from the touristic restaurant, Au Père Louis Restaurant is a great place to dine in.

  •  15-20 euros for main courses
  • 8-12 euros for starters.
  • Wine’s price is reasonable.

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