The Hat Women in Paris Wear : The Beret!

what do you call the hat women in Paris wear? Beret! and what color is it? Mostly red. Read on to know everything about the Beret.

Many people imagine the French people with a red hat and a Baguette bread under their arm, often on bicycles.

But what do you call the hat women in Paris wear? The answer is the Parisian Beret!

The Beret is the hat associated with the French people. While it is often used by soldiers in many countries, in French it is used by everyone, including women.

The history of the Beret

The Beret isn’t a new fashion item at all, it was actually first being wore in the Bronze Age. Archaeologists’ findings show that people in north European countries wore them in order to show how rich they are.

The custom of wearing Beret made of high quality fabric continued to Rome during the Roman Empire. You can often see paintings of Italian nobles wearing beret.

A symbol of richness and prosperity, many “wannabes” started to wear them as well, hoping that they can fake it until they make it.

From there, the luxury item became everyone’s item. Peasants and beggars wore it as well and it stopped being such a fancy accessory, but more of a cultural and symbolic item.

In 1889 the military top unit “French Chasseurs Alpins” started using this hat to differentiate themselves from other military units. The opposite actually happened and many units adopted this hat, while changing the color. Today military units all over the world are wearing this ex-luxury hat.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Parisians strated wearing this item again. But this time not to show how rich you are but more like how chic you are. Today this item is considered the French hat, and a part of the Parisian Chic



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