Funny Rules in Paris

When coming to a new city it is always good to be familiar with local rules and regulations, even the ridiculous ones . Here are some funny rules in Paris.

Taking a train ride with your loved one? You are not allowed to kiss! There is a rule that people aren’t allowed to kiss on the train.

Hope you like French music because in France there is a law that 70% of the music on the different Radio channels must be French music.

Took a photo of a monument and a police officer was on it? You should delete it because taking a photo of a French policeman is ILLEGAL!

Imagine you came to Paris and for some reason decided to buy a pig. You should be aware that if you decided to name it Napoleon, you might find yourself in the French prison because it is illegal to name a pig Napoleon!

Some positive news, or rather creepy ones. In France people are allowed to marry… dead people. Three conditions must take place in order for the sacred ceremony takes place. The dead person had the intention to get married before his unpredictable death. The marriage should be done for serious reasons and not “for the good laugh”. The president himself should authorize the marriage.

Kind of outdated, yet funny, rule, though not applicable on tourists. If you are a French citizen you must have some haystack stored somewhere in case the French king will come to visit and his horse will need to eat. Today people don’t ride horses, and there isn’t a king in France, but the it is one of the funny Rules in Paris that wasn’t abolished.


If you are a woman and wish to dress like a man you must get the authorization of a local police officer. The opposite by the way is perfectly fine, if you are a man dressed like a woman you don’t need any authorization!

You are a woman who came to visit Paris and have nothing but pants? You might finish in prison because women in Paris can only wear pants if they ride a horse or a bicycle (of course it is a funny and outdated rules in Paris so don’t you worry about it!).

Alcohol in workplace is OUT OF THE QUESTION! Well… Beer, Wine, Cider and Pear cider are ok… Really, there is a rule that forbid drinking alcohol in workplace but allows drinking alcohol in workplace.


Ketchup begone! No ketchup is authorized in primary school in France


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