French Boyfriend – The 6 Rules You Must Know

You went to Paris and found a French guy you want to date? French boyfriend might sounds like a good idea, but do yourself a favor, read these 10 rules about French boyfriend before, and save yourself plenty of problems.

French Boyfriend Rules:

1. French guys aren’t that romantic

If you ever watched a Lelouch movie, you will think all French men speak words of love to you, write poems, buy flowers and make you feel like you’re the queen of the world. But in reality, today’s French men are just like most men. Some are romantic but most of them will use the language of love to tell you they are hungry and what’s for dinner?

2. French guys can be very arrogant

The French are very proud of their culture. Many of them believe there is the French way of doing things or the wrong way of doing them. The “which way is better” debate will guarantee both parties will feel worse. Don’t try to convince a French guy of the benefits of a big English breakfast with eggs, beans and sausage. Just accept that your guy will insist on having his butter-jam-bread/croissant.

3. Like the French language, French dating have rules, but so many irregularities…

While some disagree, the basics of dating in French is as follows. Guy meets girl, they go to  a few places together, talk, kiss, have sex and stay together until death or breakup. But this is not always the case. Just like the “ER” verb,it barely covers half of the cases. In the other cases, there are no rules, especially since online dating has become popular.

4. French are not very attached

French culture educates young French men and women that they need to leave their parents’ home as soon as they go to university (fac). The country has many buildings for students managed by an organization called CROUS. The result is that French people are not very attached to their parents when they grow up.

5. French have two modes: intellectual mode and prehistorical mode

French intellectuals are cultural heroes and many French men try to look like one. They will talk about everything and analyze it from a philosophical, sociological and economic perspective. And once finished, they  want to “get romantic”, in the prehistoric perspective.

6. French are curious

If you want to keep your French boyfriend, make sure you take in consideration his thirst for knowledge and new things. You will need to discuss politics, environmental issues, cultural differences, art and constantly renew the variety of things to talk about. Boredom and lack of conversation will signal the end of the relationship.

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