French Aperitif Recipes (French apéro)

The French Aperitif (or the Apéro in slang) is an interesting concept. It is kind of snacks and drinks that are taken or before dinner or during an evening with friends.

The French Aperitif is the French version of the American “let’s grab a beer”. Its purpose is not only ending your hunger, but mainly to socialize- I have an Apéro with you, therefore I consider you my friend!

There are two types of Aperitif. The traditional, before diner, aperitif, and the before party aperitif, which is usually called apéro.

The conversation during the Apéro is often very pleasant, French people are very curious and always happy to learn from your experiences and thoughts. They will be happy to share their experiences and thoughts, sometimes for hours.

How to make a French Aperitif?

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