The Best French Singers (Part A)

French is the language of love. The best French singers know how to use this amazing language to spread love and happiness. These singers wrote songs that can make your day slightly better

1. Best French Singers: Johnny Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday’s real name is Jean-Philippe Smet. He is considered to the the French Elvis Presley. His first hit was “Laisse les filles” written in 1960. It had moderate success, but enough to publish an album “Hello Johnny”.

Later on in his career he met the Bulgarian-French singer Sylvie Vartan (the aunt of the American actor, Michael Vartan) who became his wife. The couple had major success in France and were called the “Golden Couple” until their divorce twenty years later.

Today Hallyday is 73-year-old and still kicking! He has concerts and many fans.

2.Michel Sardou

Born to a family of artists, Michel Sardou is one of best French singers. His parents Fernand Sardou and Jackie Caron were successful artists who has performances all over France. Michel suffered form the constant moving as a child, and when he was 17-year-old he tried to run away to Brasil. This was the inspiration for his famous song “Je Vole”.

The successful movie La Famille Bélier increased the popularity of Sardou since in the movie they sang only his songs, but he refused to participate.

3. Benjamin Biolay

While less known than the other singers in this list, Benjamin is a true modern days artist. His lyrics are deep and meaningful and often studied in school programs.

Benjamin had the “perfect ear”. He can hear every note and every sound, a rare phenomenon.

He is also younger than the other singers in this list, and we are sure many more great songs will be coming.

4. Patrick Bruel

Patrick Bruel (originally Maurice Benguigui) started his career as a singer but these days he mostly act in movies.

Beside that, he is also a professional poker player and won $900,000 in a poker tournament.

5. Francis Cabrel

Francis Cabrel came from a blue collar family from Agen to a Friulian family. His father had a modest job in a cookies factory and with the little savings he had he supported Cabrel’s ambition to be a singer, and he wasn’t wrong, today Francis Cabrel is on of France’s best singers. Francis Cabrel first hit was “Petite Marie”, in 1974.

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