Paris Pickpockets : 5 Tips to Avoid Them

Many tourists have bad memories from Paris because of Paris pickpockets. tourists often carry much cash and walk in crowded places – a perfect target for the greedy pickpockets.

How to avoid Paris Pickpockets ?

You can reduce the risk of being a victim of pickpockets if you will follow the following guidelines.

1. When you are in crowded placed always carry you bag in front of you. Put your hands on the bag’s zipper or buttons. Paris pickpockets can open the bags very quickly and grab your valuable stuff from inside the bag. By putting your hand on your bag, you will make it much more difficult for him to steal your stuff and he will look for another, easier, target.

2. Many pickpockets are actually trained gypsy children. They are being trained by professional thieves about how to take your stuff without you noticing. So when you see gypsy kids wander around near you, you better watch out.

Paris Gold Ring Scam

3. Be careful of the Paris Gold Ring Scam. More and more tourists are falling for these scheme based on human greed. How does the Paris Gold Ring Scam work? It is a two men gig. One will come near the victim and will show him a gold ring. He will ask the victim if it is his ring. The victim will feel confused, on the one hand it’s not his ring, but he just need to say “Yes” and he will be the owner of this new gold ring. A second Paris pickpocket will take advantage of this hesitation and quickly grab the victim’s stuff from his or her pocket.

4. The photo scheme. Another plot you should be aware of, this time the cons are people you would never suspect, even older people. They will approach you and ask you to take a photo with them. While posing for the photo shoot the pickpocket will slide his hands to your pocket / bag and will steal what he can.

5. Stay of earth. Paris is a dreamy city in which you can easily lose concentration. Try to enjoy the city while being aware there are pickpockets and thieves lurking around.

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