LA Opera de Paris: Charles Garnier

LA Opera de Paris: Charles Garnier is situated in the 9th arrondissement. Opera Garnier, “LA” Opera of Paris is one of the most important cultural institutions in Paris. This place is also called Palais Garnier.

Charles Garnier was the architect who managed the construction of this place finished in 1873. He was chosen by The emperor Napoleon III himself in 1858. Napoleon III wanted to have an Opera house as great as the ones of the Habsburg empire.

171 candidates submitted their own design for the new Opera house but Charles Garnier was the chosen one.

LA Opera de Paris: Charles Garnier is an institution of great majesty. The architecture style is considered to be monumental and some might say even Second-Empire Beaux-Arts style. Greek mythology was an important source of inspiration of Garnier, and it is easy to see the columns and the statues that decorate it.

This Opera house currently hosts ballets performance and Opera Bastille hosts Opera plays. The reason is that the acoustics in Opera Bastille which was constructed much later, is better.

The building changed in the course of time. One of the famous additions were ceiling painting done by Marc Chagall.

If you want to see the building and the painting you have two options:

  1. Buy opera tickets at
  2. Take a local tour guide

The first oprion is far more expensive, tickets can reach 500€ in high season. But if you wait for the last minute you can get for very cheap, assuming there are some tickets that left.

The guided tour is very enriching. The guide will take you to see Chagall’s painting as well as halls that inspired the book the Phantom of the Opera.

This amazing building should be a part of your trip, even if just by examining it from the outside.

Address: 8 Rue Scribe, 75009 Paris, France

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